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Lesli Gaynor

The process of co-ownership in real estate can be complicated. When it comes to multiple owners who don’t have previous relationships, there can be perceived difficulties when it comes to the legal arrangement of the living situation. In general, the two legal arrangements that are often chosen in real estate are tenants-in-common and joint tenancy. In this article we will discuss these two arrangements and explain why tenants-in-common should be your choice for a co-ownership arrangement.

Tenants-in-common allows for owners to have varying shares in the property. For example, two owners could each have a 30% share while a third…

Located in the centre of Ottawa lies Ontario’s only completed cohousing community: Terra Firma. Terra Firma began in 1997 and is now home to 12 families. With a large common house and common garden, the residents of Terra Firma fully embrace their community and the true spirit of cohousing.

Terra Firma began as two three-door townhomes. The cohousing project was developed as a retrofit rather than a brand new construction. Existing housing was built upon and reworked as a cohousing space rather than separate, private townhomes. …

Social isolation is becoming one of the most prominent issues facing today’s Canadian seniors. Canada’s population over 65 years of age has exceeded 6 million and is projected to exceed 9.5 million by 2030. In 2016, the number of people over 65 exceeded the number under 15 years of age. As one of the fastest-growing demographics in Canada, seniors face a number of issues that need to be addressed both now and in the future in order to succeed in attaining a satisfactory quality of life.

People in isolation are at risk of many negative health consequences. For seniors, these…

One of the great things about co-ownership and cooperative real estate is that there is no single cookie-cutter house. Co-ownership allows you to tailor your home and dwellings to your own desires. Whether you want a single-family home, a multi-residential building or prefer a building where you can make drastic renovations, you can make it work for co-ownership.

In this article, we have a look at different designs and co-ownership property concepts on behalf of Picnic Design. Picnic Design is a Toronto-based architecture and interior design studio. …

Lesli Gaynor

Lesli Gaynor is a real estate agent specializing in co-housing.

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